Fate/EXTELLA LINK is the fourth game in the Fate/EXTRA series. The game takes place immediately after the events of Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star.

The Master—who was walking through the domain of the spiritron-constructed virtual world, SE.RA.PH, where the conflict was subdued with the newly born Altera in the battle over the Holy Grail of the Moon—suddenly encountered a cluster of aggressive programs.

The Masters were overwhelmed by the assault of the aggressive programs, which should have no longer appeared with the arrival of peace, but then an unknown Servant—Charlemagne—appeared before them.

“The gallant slaying here is pretty stylish!”

The Master was able to overcome the crisis with the help of Charlemagne, but the young Altera, who was supposed to have been nearby, disappeared

Extella/Link follows the footsteps of its predecessor with musou-style gameplay. The game also includes a newly-added online battle mode, where players can battle against fellow Masters and their servants, though specific details are yet to be revealed. Extella/Link also allows cross-saving between the PS4 and PS Vita for players to play the game at home or on the go. The game will be released on June 7, 2018 for the Playstation 4 and PS Vita.

Servants returning from The Umbral Star prequel include:

  • Nero Claudius (VA: Sakura Tange)
  • Nameless (VA: Junichi Suwabe)
  • Gawain
  • Cu Chulainn
  • Li Shuwen
  • Tamamo no Mae (VA: Chiwa Saitou)
  • Karna
  • Elizabeth Bathory
  • Lu Bux Fengxian
  • Medusa
  • Altera
  • Gilgamesh
  • Jeanne d’Arc
  • Iskandar
  • Artoria
  • Archimedes. 

New characters include:

  • Charlemagne, a new Saber-class servant
  • Francis Drake from Fate/EXTRA (VA: Urara Takano)
  • Astolfo from Fate/Apocrypha (VA: Rumi Ookubo)
  • Scathach from Fate/Grand Order (VA: Mamiko Noto)

Marvelous Inc. will also be releasing a Premium Limited Edition of the game for both PS4 and PS Vita. Contents include

  • Aruko Wada-illustrated mahjong tile set
  • Special box with Aruko Wada original Fate/Extella art
  • Fate/Extella Link Original Soundtrack
  • Scathach “Makkyou sergeant” outfit for the PS4; Nameless “Archer of Justice” outfit for the PS Vita

Existing Umbral Star saves in the console will also nab players with bonus costumes:

TV spots: