God of War gets new trailer, release date, and different editions


The latest God of War game for the Playstation 4 has been ramping up the hype train for quite some time now. Sony has recently released the game’s latest story trailer, which features Kratos and his son in a journey through the lands governed by the gods and beings of Norse Mythology. The trailer also shows the new magical axe Kratos mains as his weapon.

In a stroke of good news, God of War will be released on April 20, 2018, with different editions available for pre-order. All pre-orders, regardless of edition, will receive three legendary shield skins as downloadable content.

The Collector’s Edition contains a 9″ Kratos and Atreus statue, a cloth map, lithograph poster, 2pcs 2″ Huldra Brothers Carvings, and a steelbook case with the game disc. Digital bonus content includes the Death’s Vow armor set, Exile’s Guardian Shield, the God of War digital comic and digital artbook by Dark Horse Comics, and an exclusive PS4 dynamic theme. This edition retails for US$129.99.

The Stone Mason Edition, exclusive only to GameStop and EB Games, has all the contents in the Collector’s Edition, plus the Stone Mason’s Ring, Mimir’s Head talking keychain, 2″ horse and troll carvings, and an exclusive Defender of the Chosen Shield digital content. This edition retails for US$149.99.

The Digital Deluxe edition will give you all the digital content from the Collector’s Edition, and will retail for US$69.99. This edition will also come with a free Kratos pin available in US and Canada only.

All pre-ordered editions will also come with the Luck of Ages talisman, giving players increased XP rate, increased Hacksilver gains, and increased ability to trigger perks.