PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) dropped a massive 6.2GB update today for the PC. The latest patch includes two new sets of clothes, a non-infringing look on the energy drink can that exchanges the Red Bull ripoff logo with a different one, and a new report method against cheaters.

The report system can now be accessed directly from the replay feature, which will allow players to immediately report cheaters and/or bug exploiters at the soonest chance (rather than waiting to get killed).

But the most surprising move for this update is publishing the drop rate chances for the game’s loot boxes. This sudden move comes amid reports of PUBG entering the Chinese market and complying with the country’s newest laws regarding loot crates.

The game rewards players with Battle Points (BP) for a great performance (like getting hits, kills, or winning the game). Said points are then used to purchase the game’s loot crates, which contain different types of items. Despite great performance, PUBG indicated that players are only allowed to earn up to six loot crates per week. In addition, loot crates will soon be classified into two: a free and paid version, the latter of which will require a USD2.50 key to open, in an effort to monetize loot boxes.

Among the rarest to nab from the loot boxes are the Biker items, with the sleeveless Biker jacket and the cloth mask at an all-time low chance of 0.01%. The rest of the item chances are detailed below:


Sleeveless Turtleneck Top (Gray) : 8.00%
Leather Boots (Black) : 8.00%
Punk Knuckle Gloves (Black) : 7.50%
Baggy Pants (Black) : 7.50%
Striped Tank-top : 7.50%
Wide Pants (Red) : 7.50%
Punk Knuckle Gloves (Red) : 7.00%
Sleeveless Turtleneck (Black) : 7.00%
Baggy Pants (Brown) : 5.00%
Long Leather Boots (Brown) : 5.00%
Striped Shirt (Gray) : 5.00%
Beanie (Brown) : 5.00%
Horn-rimmed Glasses (Black) : 4.50%
Training Pants (Light Blue) : 4.50%
Leather Boots (Brown) : 4.50%
Horn-rimmed Glasses (Brown) : 2.50%
Aviator Sunglasses : 1.30%
Checkered Jacket : 1.30%
Long-sleeved Leather Shirt : 0.60%
Leather Hoodie (Black) : 0.32%
Leather Hoodie (White) : 0.32%
Cloth Mask (Leopard) : 0.16%

BIKER items

Long-sleeved T-shirt (Red) : 15.00%
School Shoes (Brown) : 15.00%
raglan shirt : 10.00%
T-shirt (Pink striped) : 10.00%
Polka Dot T-shirt : 10.00%
Dirty Long-sleeved T-shirt : 10.00%
School Shoes (Black) : 5.00%
Skinny Jeans (Khaki) : 5.00%
Gas Mask (Half) : 4.50%
Beanie (Gray) : 4.50%
Sleeveless Turtleneck (Red) : 4.50%
Skinny Jeans (Pink) : 2.50%
Patrol Cap (Brown) : 1.20%
Sleeveless Turtleneck (Gray Striped) : 1.20%
Patrol Cap (Gray) : 0.40%
Biker Pants (Black) : 0.40%
Floral Shirt (White) : 0.26%
Sneakers (Black) : 0.26%
Padded Jacket (Purple) : 0.06%
Princess Power Tank-top : 0.06%
Floral Shirt (Black) : 0.05%
Biker Pants (Gray) : 0.05%
Aviator Goggles : 0.03%
Sleeveless Biker Jacket (Brown) : 0.01%
Sleeveless Biker Jacket (Black) : 0.01%
Cloth Mask (Checkered) : 0.01%

Find out more about the latest PUBG patch here.