CES 2018: The Headphones of the Future has Touchscreens


Has technology gone too far? Not with Funky Sound Studio’s latest contribution to modern audiophilia.

The Debussy headphones displayed their luxury headphones at the CES 2018 showfloor for everyone to see. These are wireless headphones that can connect via Wi-Fi, 4G, or Bluetooth, with an internal 32GB storage, 20-hour battery life, a built-in smart assistant for managing calls and song playlists, and a built-in microphone for recording and voice commands.

But that’s not the kicker. The Debussy headphones sport OLED touchscreens in its cups, for users to directly access their songs on storage, or an audio streaming service like Spotify or Tidal.

With premium features come a premium price. The Debussy comes in three variants, all of which are willing to dent your wallet. The Debussy Nathaniel (pictured below) will set you back at USD5,000 in exchange for gold or silver plating and dual cup displays. The Clair De Lume (above video) sports a more minimalist look and is priced at USD1,500. The basic Prelude model, not shown on CES, will be the cheapest at USD500.

Preorders for the Nathaniel will be available starting March 2018.