SPYAIR arrived in the Manila, Philippines last September 9 for an exclusive fan meet with avid Filipino fans as part of their itinerary for The Best of Anime 2017, one of the country’s most-anticipated anime and cosplay events.

Excited fans lined up outside Meeting Rooms 7 & 8 of SMX Convention Center as early as 2:00 PM, three hours ahead of schedule, to secure front seats. While waiting, a group of SPYAIR fans distributed placards as part of their fan project. Message banners were passed around in which fans happily filled with their heartwarming messages for the band.

Official merchandise like Mafuyu ni Dai Circus muffler towels, rubber baller (band) and sticker sets, Just Like This 2017 bandana and shades, were made available for fans to purchase to get their shikishi signed by SPYAIR.

Nearly a hundred fans filled the room, waiting for the arrival of SPYAIR. As IKE, MOMIKEN, UZ, and KENTA finally entered the room, they were welcomed with loudest cheers and a sea of placards saying “SPYAIR, YOU ROCK MY WORLD!”, which made them smile. The band introduced themselves as they settled in. “I’m glad to see you!” MOMIKEN said in English, garnering an excited response from the fans.

Select fans and media were able to ask SPYAIR questions* during the fan meet event. Below are some of noteworthy responses from the band:

Q: Your One-man live in Tokyo Dome in 2019 is fast approaching. What preparations are you doing for it?

A: (IKE) Tokyo Dome is really(!) big venue for concert. Little-by-little, step-by-step, we’re giving CDs, we’re having gigs everywhere and like this, we come here to Manila and hoping to see some of these faces to go to the Tokyo Dome. That’s why we give importance to all of these activities. 

Q: Your popularity across the globe is increasing and a lot of fans are waiting in their respective countries. Perhaps, do you have plans on doing a world tour after your Tokyo Dome stunt?

A: (IKE) If the concert at Tokyo Dome goes successful, we will be able to do more things freely. We also hope to come here again to the Philippines and perform more live events in the future.

Q: What do you think about your fans here?

A: (IKE) This is our first time seeing Filipino fans, and we’re all shocked since everyone’s so welcoming. When we came through this door, all these voices of excitement makes us look forward to tomorrow’s live.

Q: What is your inspiration in creating anthemic music like ‘Imagination’ which you sang as opening theme song of Haikyu!?

A: (MOMIKEN) For ‘Imagination’ we read the Haikyu! manga first for inspiration.

Q: Some of us have ONE PARK photobooks but only Japanese fans with Japanese addresses can register. When do you plan to open the address to international fans like us?

A: (KENTA) We also want our international fans to have access to this. But for now, we’re still preparing for that so we want you to wait a little bit more. 

Fans were able to shake each member’s hand as they approached them for autograph signing. Subsequently, group photos were taken with the band as remembrance for fans. “Expect a fun live performance tomorrow. Thank you!” IKE told fans before they exited the room.

Event attendees also got to see SPYAIR in the exhibit hall as they briefly appeared on stage to plug their concert, and answer a few questions asked by the event hosts.

“A while ago we had the fan meeting and everyone was so energetic and enthusiastic so I’m so excited for the live tomorrow.” IKE shared when asked how do they feel performing live for the very first time in the Philippines. He also added that they were surprised how passionate Filipinos are.

Asked what can the fans look forward to their concert, IKE proudly said, “Since it is the first time we will perform in the Philippines, we really thought hard about the setlist so that we can give a live show that everyone will enjoy.”

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*Grammar was edited for better appreciation 

Photos taken from The Best of Anime official Facebook page