The four-man rock band hailing from Aichi, Nagoya visited Manila for the very first time to headline one of the biggest anime events in the country. Known for their music used as theme songs for popular anime series, SPYAIR quickly rose to fame, not only in Japan, but also in other countries across Europe and Asia. It was their first performance in Southeast Asia as they brought their live music to the Philippines.

SPYAIR opened their hour-long concert with the strong siren of ‘OVERLOAD’ to drum up the excitement of Filipino fans. This was followed by IKE uttering his signature welcome phrase “Youkoso, SPYAIR no live e!” “Philippine Manila, are you ready?” asked IKE, to which the fans replied with their loudest cheers. It was immediately followed by ‘Genjou Destruction’ and ‘Firestarter’ where the band and fans banged their heads in unison.

Kumusta kayo?” asked IKE with his brightest smile to check how the fans are doing. “This is SPYAIR’s first time here in Manila, Philippines. Thank you. We’re really amazed. Let’s all have an awesome night!” he proceeded. He then adorably asked the fans to sing along with him by saying his newly learned Filipino word – kanta – earning himself giggles from the elated audience.

SPYAIR were all smiles as fans sang along in ‘Wendy ~It’s You~’ and rocked the event venue as they jumped and chanted at ‘Last Moment’. Haikyu! Fans were delighted as the band played ‘Imagination,’ which served as the first opening theme of the said anime.

Everyone suddenly went emotional in the latter half of the show with ‘Sakura Mitsutsuki’ and its dramatic guitar solo delivered by UZ. But it was immediately lightened up by ‘Rockin Out’ where SPYAIR and fans bubbly danced in the melody and crisp bass lines of MOMIKEN. KENTA didn’t disappoint when it came to the thundering drum beats of ‘Rage of Dust’ from the hit anime Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans.

Fans joyously sang along another refreshing theme from Haikyu! – ‘I’m a Believer’ to which IKE expressed his gratitude by saying maraming salamat. “We’re so happy to be here in front of so many people. There are lots of wonderful faces here. Thank you so much for singing together with us. You’re the best, Philippines,” he added.

“It’s great, that we were able to make this concert together, and it was really fun. The next song will be our last one. Though it’s a great concert, we don’t have enough time even if we want play more songs. We would like to perform a one-man concert here soon and we would love to see you then” IKE said as SPYAIR was about to end their concert.

“Raise the towels that you have! Let’s sing out loud!” IKE called out to the fans as they gave their all in chanting ‘Samurai Heart’ while swaying their towels in the air. As the end of the song approached, he ran around the venue to get closer to the fans at the back. Fans went crazy as they scrambled towards him.

Right after SPYAIR left the stage, fans shouted “ankoru” and “mou ikkai” in unison for encore and SPYAIR returned to the stage for the final song. “You’re all wonderful! We’re really happy that you enjoyed it. Thank you very much. Now let’s sing one last time. Kanta!” The fans’ voices echoed throughout the venue as they sing and dance to the last song, ‘SINGING’.

IKE invited Primetrade Asia Inc. President, Ms. Irene Lloren, on stage for final words. “That act was for all of you (fans). We would like to thank SPYAIR. All of you are wonderful (and handsome too)! In behalf of your fans, I would like to present this banner to you!” she then handed it to the guys and together they unfolded the banner full of messages for the band. The banner was part of a project spearheaded by a group of passionate fans. SPYAIR then took a photo with everyone for remembrance.

Photo credits: SPYAIR STAFF Twitter

SPYAIR ended the show with their final bow and bid goodbye to their Filipino fans.

MOMIKEN sent via LINE his message of gratitude to Filipino fans and his promise to come back.

Thanks Manila for coming to our show tonight! Very awesome!! Very excited!! Ill be back to the Philippines!

UZ, on the other hand, took to Instagram how Philippines is the best.

Philippine mō saikō-sugi!

SPYAIR Staff also posted on twitter their backstage photo with the fan art and message banners from the fans.

Photo credits: SPYAIR STAFF Twitter

It is evident that Filipino fans gave SPYAIR a really good time with the warm reception and enthusiastic interaction during the live performance. Hence, they promised to come back and perform for their Filipino fans again. Let’s all look forward to it!

The songs performed in the concert are as follows (as originally posted in our Facebook page):
1. Overload
2. Genjou Destruction
3. Firestarter
4. Wendy ~It’s you~
5. Last Moment
6. Imagination
7. Sakura Mitsutsuki
8. Rockin’ Out
9. Rage of Dust
10. I’m a Believer
11. Samurai Heart
– encore –
12. Singing

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