For one day, Central Perk Cafe in Singapore became a melting pot of geek fandom as members of the media and guests from Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention (STGCC) met to preview what’s in store for the weekend at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center.

Ms. Lin Koh, Project Director of STGCC, took the time out of her busy schedule to tell us more about the upcoming event. “We were known as an event meant for the collectors,” she said about the roots of STGCC. The event started small, occupying only one or two halls at Suntec City during its inception. STGCC back then catered solely to its niche alone. “But over the years, it kind of like… increasingly appealed to the masses, so we’ve done more things for the families now, more things for the kids. It’s evolving in such a way that things have changed…” In the course of its 10-year journey, STGCC has now increased in scale, in both floor area occupying 3 massive halls of Marina Bay Sands, and in its mainstream appeal.

“It’s all thanks to the fans,” Ms. Lin quipped. STGCC boasts around 50 guests from different parts of the world, each having their own specializations and contributions to the geek industry. A massive fleet of western and Japanese artists, entertainers, and cosplayers will be at the event this weekend, and STGCC owes it all to the feedback coming from fans all over the world. “We constantly reach out to the fans. An event like [STGCC] is really all about the fans. What do they want to see? Their feedback is important to us and we continue to refresh the exhibition that way,” she added.

Now, STGCC has turned into a hub of geek appreciation and passion. “One thing about STGCC is that it brings the East and West together,” Ms. Lin proudly explained. “A lot of exclusives are launched in September during this event. So, a lot of our customers take this opportunity to just launch exclusivity and and limited editions during this event.” Apart from being a family-friendly haven for aficionados and first-timers alike, STGCC has set the bar for geek events as a launch platform for Western and Eastern pop culture ideas and merchandise in Southeast Asia.

Taking a step further this year, STGCC will be dedicating one hall solely for the game component, dubbed GGXP (Good Game Experience). Gaming product showcases and e-sports tournaments are in store for everyone in this massive hall. The ASUS ROG Masters 2017 will be held in this side of the event.

The Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention will be held on September 9-10, 2017 at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Tickets are available online or on-site.