Rami Ismail is an indie game dev with a number of games under his belt, like LUFTRAUSERS and Serious Sam: The Random Encounter to name a few. He also co-owns the game studio, VlambeerBut in his spare time, he updates the world with his mom’s Final Fantasy XV journey via the hashtag #momvsffxv.

Rami gave his mother a copy of Final Fantasy XV, and did insist that her mother doesn’t play games at all. From the tweets, we can learn a lot from his mom’s honesty.


The twitter thread spans nearly a hundred tweets, most of which are pure, unfiltered gems of thought. Here are some of the highlights.


Yes, Rami’s mom… we do tend to forget the Regalia sometimes too. And come to think of it, the weapons shop does look like an “arms dealer” selling out of a truck.


Controllers with that many buttons do take time getting used to.


This makes a lot of sense, actually.


RPGs really remove the sense of urgency. Rami’s mom reminds us that should not be the case.





Our heartstrings are pulled because of this gamer mom’s dedication to the game.

There’s a lot of tweets to sift through, and some are bordering spoiler territory. But the final tweets are the best!


We firmly believe that Rami’s mom is having a genuine mix of satisfaction, relief, and sadness from finishing the game.


46 accumulated hours of game time, and his mother picks this image of Noctis, an appropriate allusion to her first Final Fantasy journey: pure, inquisitive, and emotional.

You can read the whole thread with the hashtag linked above, or via the embedded tweets. We’re proud of Rami’s mom for such an achievement, and hope Rami updates us the next time she plays through another role-playing game.

As a bonus, here’s how Rami’s mom pretty much nails the definition of a JRPG:


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