The classic Xbox Controller is making a comeback


It’s been around 16 years since Microsoft released its first Xbox and its iconic controller. And although the times have changed, the sense of nostalgia is an apparent trend worth cashing in. In a surprise E3 twist, third-party console accessory-maker Hyperkin has announced the release of The Duke, an exact replica of the original Xbox’s massive controller.

The Duke sports the same looks and dimensions as the original, but with a few changes. First, the huge logo at the center of the controller will be replaced by an LCD screen showing an animated “The Duke” logo, and the addition of left and right bumpers. Further, the controller will now be compatible with the Xbox One (including S and X variants), and PCs running Windows 10. A standard 9-feet cable will be included in the package.

Said controller has the blessing of Seamus Blackley, part of the original Xbox team. The Duke will be in stores on December 2017, just a month after the timely release of the Xbox One X.