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Best of Anime just teased their guest line-up via their official Facebook page. Based from the photo above, we can expect 5 sets of guests gracing the yearly anime convention.

Worth noting is the silhouette dead center, looking like a 4-man group that could probably be this year’s main event performer.


Decent Google sleuthing gave us this image (below) of SPYAIR, one of Japan’s most popular bands to date, with sold-out concerts in Tokyo and Fuji-Q; and has toured Taiwan, Singapore, China, and South Korea (to name a few) to massive capacity crowds.


If the name still does not ring a bell, SPYAIR sang Haikyuu’s “I’m a Believer”

Gintama’s “Samurai Heart/Some Like It Hot!”

and Iron-Blooded Orphan’s “Rage of Dust”

Still don’t believe us? Here’s the superimposed image we edited via Photoshop:


The lower right corner of the tease could probably be famed cosplay duo, BAOZI and HANA. Based from the blurred image, it’s one of the duo’s Yuri!! on Ice cosplay photos.
(Still could not find the exact image, but it comes from this photoset.

UPDATE 6/1/2017

One comment (by Jecca Chan) in the Best of Anime’s FB teaser matched the lower right image with another cosplay duo, Liu & Hana. Looking at the similarities in the images, we’re inclined to agree. The blurred image matches this reference photo (from Liu & Hana’s FB page):


We can confirm without a shadow of a doubt (YES, WE’RE THAT CONFIDENT) that the lower left blurred image is Yuegene Fay cosplaying Jumin Han from Mystic Messenger. Here’s the reference image:


Our hunch for the guest at the upper right corner points to REIKA, wearing an Abe no Seimei costume. We’re still looking for the reference image, but based on the blurred image, it may have been derived from this photoset:


What do you think, everyone? Are your guesses same as ours? Or do you have a different hunch in mind? Tell us in the comments below!