Absolver gets release date; previews the melee combat system


If you recall, we previewed Absolver by Sloclap Games and Devolver Digital during our RTX Sydney coverage. The test play showed us a near-polished melee action game still in its development phase.

Sloclap Games has recently revealed their latest combat preview video, which introduces the three main fighting styles of the game: Forsaken, Kahlt Method, and Windfall. Forsaken style presents a more balanced gameplay, with heavy use of parry and counter techniques. Kahlt users are delegated as the tanks capable of strongarming their way through attacks. Windfall users are the most agile of the three, with special focus on dodge and blindside attacks.

Based on the latest video, the interface has changed a bit from our test play during pre-alpha. But it has retained that earthy feel to its setting and its silky smooth transitioning between moves and stances.

The video ends with an official release date in tow. The game will be available for download on PC via Steam and on Playstation 4 this August 29th, 2017. 

Watch our pre-alpha/development phase preview of Absolver here: