There’s a ton of ways people celebrated Star Wars Day (May the 4th). Here at the Land Down Under, there’s a quaint little place about three hours away from Sydney. Tucked in a little corner of Crown and King Street in Newcastle is cafe called The Empire Coffee Co. It’s a Star Wars-themed coffee and pastries shop that opens during the unusual business hours of 7:00am to 2:00pm. But for the 4th of May, it held a simple yet special Star Wars celebration from afternoon ’til dusk. (Gallery down below)

There was no massive spectacle, no huge crowd, no booths to buy merchandise from, and no huge area for Star Wars fans to roam around. Local fans of Star Wars just happily occupied the cafe spaces inside and out. People from different ages came to join in the celebration. With a candy stand and a near-unlimited supply of coffee, the Star Wars Day in The Empire was one of the purest forms of geek celebrations I’ve come to experience. It’s just people talking about their interests, warming themselves with their cups of coffee amidst the chilly winds. Some people came in costumes reminiscent of the iconic Star Wars characters, and they wore it with pride and joy. Even the kids celebrated by wearing their costumes and wielding toy lightsabers.

This was a great way to celebrate May the Fourth.

Happy Star Wars Day everyone!