Monster Hunter XX revealed at Nintendo Direct (10/27/2016)


Today’s Nintendo Direct was dedicated to Capcom’s Monster Hunter. The short and sweet livestream revealed the upcoming sequel in the Monster Hunter franchise, Monster Hunter XX. The recorded stream above starts at the 34-minute mark.


Here’s what we’ve learned about the new game so far:

  • Two new monsters:

Ouma Diablos: as if the Diablos species in-game isn’t enough misery already

Valfark (transliterated from Katakana): a dragon with fiery jet-like wings

  • Two new attack styles:

Brave Style: utilizes a charged / super attack accumulated by dealing damage or getting hit

An unrevealed style: based on the silhouette, it looks like a bombing-based style.

  • New hunt locations


  • This new hub based on a cluster of three airships


  • Return of G-Rank quests
  • Returning monsters like Barroth and Barioth
  • Two new play styles for Nyantas/Prowlers: Bushido and Aerial styles

Game saves from the previous Monster Hunter X can be imported to Monster Hunter XX. Players with saved Monster Hunter Stories will also receive in-game bonuses in XX.

The game will be released in Japan by March 18, 2017. There’s no word on its English version yet, but considering Monster Hunter’s track record, we might have to wait at least a year for its international version.