Steam’s updates have been largely unnoticed due to the sudden Nintendo Switch reveal. Nonetheless, the store has a massive trove of sale items plus a new game from a veteran game franchise! Here are Steam’s sale updates for the weekend of October 21, 2016.
Note: Sale periods will vary


Civilization VI gets its release today. Players who preloaded Sid Meier’s 6th world-building strategy opus can now access the full game. Steam reviews are Very Positive as of press time. The base game costs USD69.95, while the digital deluxe edition of the game is also available for USD89.95. The additional 20 dollars will give you the base game, digital soundtrack, and access to the four upcoming DLCs (will also be sold separately). Head on to the Civilization VI Steam page to nab a copy.


The Witcher series gets a massive price drop in celebration of its 9th anniversary. Get the first and second Witcher games at 85% off, for just USD1.45 and USD 2.99 respectively. The Witcher III is down by 33% at just USD26.79, while the two DLCs have slashed 15% off its original prices. Get your copy of CD Projekt Red’s RPG on its dedicated Steam page.


Fallout 4 is one of Steam’s weekend deals, nuking out 50% from the original price. The game’s season pass is also down by 33%. Older Fallout games also have their prices cut in half. Your wasteland adventure awaits here.


Game publisher Degica is also on a Steam weekend sale. Here’s your chance to create your own RPG with RPG Maker MV or RPG Maker VX Ace, both of which have price cuts of 50% and 90% respectively. Bullet hell shooter games, such as Deathsmiles, DoDonPachi Resurrection, and DariusBurst CS, are also cut down by 15-50% each. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, check out the action-heavy Code of Princess, ported to the PC from its Nintendo 3DS iteration, slashed at 35% off the original price. Perhaps our favorite from the bunch, adventure-mecha-dating sim game Muv-Luv is also on sale at 20% off its original pricing. Head on to the Degica Steam page for more of their good stuff.


Doom franchise blasts on to the Steam midweek madness. Get each of the Doom games, from the classic pack to the 2016 version, at 50% off its original price. The Doom 2016 DLC is also at 33% off, its cheapest so far. You can wait for the yearly Steam sale or unleash hell now by heading to its dedicated Steam page.

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