[UPDATED: Amiibo support!] Switch is Nintendo’s Answer to the Console Wars


Nintendo dropped a bombshell today as they discarded the old NX codename for a catchier revelation: “Switch.”


Confirming all other rumors about the NX, the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid home and portable console device. Speculations of a Wii U gamepad device in the console have also been somewhat confirmed as the Switch Console looks like a 7-inch tablet. This console can then be docked into the Switch Dock which charges the console and also plugs in to your TV.


Consistent with the rumors, the controller, called the Joy-con is nested in the Joy-con Grip, acting as a typical Nintendo controller when the Switch is played at home. When on the go, the two sides of the Joy-con slide out of the Grip and docks into the Switch Console. A separate controller looking like a Nintendo Wii U Pro gamepad is also available, probably as an accessory sold separately.

UPDATE 1: In an interview with IGN, The Switch will support the use of Amiibos compatible for Nintendo Switch games. That solves one hardware question: NFC support in the console. END UPDATE

“Nintendo Switch allows gamers the freedom to play however they like”

The Switch Console has a 3.5mm audio jack up top, beside the game cartridge slot. The tablet also has a built-in kick stand. The console itself can be played by a maximum of two players, with each player using one side of the Joy-Con for split screen action. The video also demonstrates a Streetpass-like console connectivity for local multiplayer play. We can assume that online multiplayer will also be available for the Switch.

NVidia has also confirmed that the Switch will be powered by a customized Tegra processor with a “…GPU based on the same architecture as the world’s top-performing GeForce gaming graphics cards.” It is unclear whether this GPU is NVidia’s current Pascal architecture, an upcoming Tegra product, or something else entirely. We can only surmise that it’s powerful enough to even run Skyrim and NBA 2K even in portable mode, as seen in the video.

There’s no shortage of games either. Apart from first-party games, like Breath of the Wind, Mario Kart, Splatoon, and a new Mario game in the works, around 50 more publishers and game developers have confirmed their support for the Switch:

• 505 Games • LEVEL-5 Inc.
• Activision Publishing, Inc. • Marvelous Inc.
• ARC SYSTEM WORKS Co., Ltd. • Maximum Games, LLC
• ATLUS CO., LTD. • Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.
• Audiokinetic Inc. • Parity Bit Inc.
• Autodesk, Inc. • PlatinumGames Inc.
• BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. • RAD Game Tools, Inc.
• Bethesda • RecoChoku Co., Ltd.
• CAPCOM CO., LTD. • SEGA Games Co., Ltd.
• Codemasters® • Silicon Studio Corporation
• CRI Middleware Co., Ltd. • Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd.
• DeNA Co., Ltd. • SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.
• Electronic Arts • Starbreeze Studios
• Epic Games Inc. • Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
• Firelight Technologies • Telltale Games
• FromSoftware, Inc. • THQ Nordic
• Frozenbyte • Tokyo RPG Factory Co., Ltd.
• GameTrust • TT Games


• Gungho Online Entertainment, Inc. • Ubitus Inc.
• HAMSTER Corporation • Unity Technologies, Inc.
• Havok • Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
• INTI CREATES CO., LTD. • Web Technology Corp
• Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.


“Nintendo Switch allows gamers the freedom to play however they like,” said Reggie Fils-Aime, President and COO, Nintendo of America. “It gives game developers new abilities to bring their creative visions to life by opening up the concept of gaming without boundaries.”

As per Nintendo’s official statement, launch titles, game and console demonstrations, pricing and product configuration will trickle down the grapevine prior to the Switch’s release.

The Nintendo Switch is slated for March 2017.