This year, Cosplay Mania will be going into its 9th year, boasting some of the most impressive growth for a local pop culture event. Starting off in 2008 at Megatrade Hall 3 of SM Megamall, it posted an impressive showing of 6,000 attendees for a single day with the allocated 5,000 tickets sold out and an additional 1,000   tickets

produced to accommodate the maximum number that the venue could hold. Just last year, the attendance skyrocketed to a mind-boggling 36,000 attendees.

With a jam-packed schedule full of exciting activities, an impressive guest line-up and an Anisong concert called Cosplay Mania JAM that posted record numbers, the question soon became where do we go from here? What’s the next big step?

The Cosplay Mania Event Series is Born

The inspiration came from cinematic universes like the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and DCEU (DC Extended Universe) where there would be several stand- alone movies that lived in the same universe and interacted with and affected other movies. In this same vein, the Cosplay Mania Event Series (CMES) is a succession of events that are linked together into one big event series with the various events contributing a single vision.

The goal is not to simply produce events that would be clones of the other events, but to  produce  events  that would

link with and lead into other events, creating an entirely unique experience. Yes, the events would be able to stand alone by themselves, but the experience would be even better as you continue into the next event.

Cosplay Carnival (February 20-21, 2016)


The spiritual successor of the Philippine Cosplay Convention (PCC) Series, Cosplay Carnival was essentially a remake of the classic cosplay convention reimagined to cater to today’s discerning convention-goers. The event featured orderly area zones, innovative attractions such as Cosplay Out of the Box and fan favorites with a twist like Cosplay Karaoke and Cosplay Group Dance Battle. This was also the first cosplay event to feature safe lockers.

With the unparalleled success of Cosplay Carnival, another Cosplay Carnival will be scheduled in March of 2017!

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Anime and Cosplay eXpo (ACX) (September 2-4, 2016)

cmes3If Cosplay Carnival was the spiritual successor of PCC, ACX definitely takes its inspiration from Cosplay Mania itself. Located at the very convention hall where Cosplay Mania was born, Megatrade Hall 3 at SM Megamall, the event features some of the highlights of Cosplay Carnival and expounds on them as well as creating a staging ground for Cosplay Mania in October.

Not  only  will  the  winner  of  the Cosplay Karaoke Encore be featured at Cosplay Mania 2016, but they will also be performing in Japan! Plus, the Cosplay’s Got Talent competition will determine  the opening acts for the Anisong Concert at Cosplay Mania. Imagine being the front act for huge names from Japan!

Other activities include Cosplay Auctions and Storage Wars, Cosplay Academy with free workshops for makeup, crafting and performance and Trivia Throne Throwdown. There will also be huge cosplay contests like Solo Cosplay Catwalk and TORCH Manila Qualifiers where the winners advance to Cosplay Mania!

All these comes at amazing bargain as the entrance fee is lower than even when Cosplay Mania started in 2008, with an entrance fee of only Php 99! Best of all, you can buy tickets at any SM Tickets outlet at any SM Cinema or SM Dept. Store.

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Cosplay Mania 2016 (Cosmania) (October 1-2, 2016)

cmes4For 8 years, Cosplay Mania has delivered in the biggest way possible. This year, Cosplay Mania covers most of the 2nd Floor of the SMX Convention Center Manila in Pasay City and has something for everyone.

Like Cosplay Carnival and ACX, the event features zones, but grown to epic proportions. There will be a Fan Fair Zone, a huge Lifestyle Zone, a massive  Gaming  Zone,  a sprawling Collectibles Zone, a delicious Meals Zone, but it will also feature a Blockbuster Zone that will feature booths that are nothing short of massive.

An amazing line-up of contests will also grace the event such as Cosplay Solo Showdown, Cosplay Team Battle, Cosplay Tournament of Champions (TORCH) Finals and the Cosplay Mania Cup 2016!

There is also no shortage of Cosplay Guests as Hana and Baozi, Tomia, DD-Tenka, Hiko, Yukari Shimotsuki (former WCS Champion), Ruka, Rumi and Kirisaki join Kaname☆ as one of the most impressive cosplay guest line-ups in Philippine history.

This is only the tip of the Cosplay Mania iceberg though as concert guests have yet to be released! Expect Cosplay Mania 2016 to be a truly stand-out event that cannot be missed.

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Cosplay Matsuri 2016 (Cosmatsuri) (December 28-30, 2016)

cmes5With an amazing line-up of events for 2016, Cosplay Matsuri aims to end the year with a bang. Whereas the previous events brought cosplayers, artists and companies from Japan to the Philippines, Cosplay Matsuri endeavors to bring the experience of Japan to the con-goer.

Focused on bringing in the ambiance and culture of Japan to the event, Cosplay Matsuri promises to have activities and contests that aren’t only festive and colorful, but that have the distinctive Japanese feel to Philippine shores. Whether it’s food, atmosphere or just fun, the event will draw out the inner otaku in everyone.

As Cosplay Matsuri is still some ways off, most of the activities and contests are still secret, but rest assured that they will be both creative and have a distinctive Japanese feel.

Like Cosplay Mania, Cosplay Matsuri can be found at the SMX Convention Center Manila

in Pasay City. Early Bird tickets are now on sale for only Php 149 at any SM Tickets outlet at any SM Cinema or SM Dept. Store.

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