Cosplay Mania has become an institution in the Philippines with marked improvements that have brought out record numbers year after year, but this 2016, the event is on a mission to raise the bar even further, launching the Cosplay Mania Event Series and partnering with Sozo to bring I Love Anisong to the Philippines for the first time in history.

Here are 7 spectacular reasons why you must be a part of the thrill, the excitement and overall awesomeness that can only be Cosplay Mania:


#1: Tons of Freebies

7awesomecosmania-2 Cosplay Mania is an incredible opportunity to grab tons of great freebies! First of all, event attendees will receive a con-exclusive Cosplay Mania/Tokyo Performance Doll fan (while supplies last) and an exclusive 2017 Calendar and Event Guide to help you navigate through the convention and find the places you’re looking for. Planning to do a lot of shopping? Well, Cosplay Mania’s here to help with an exclusive shopping bag for all your purchases (while supplies last.)

In addition, Cosplay Mania will also be giving away special prizes for those con-goers who will be completing the Cosplay Con Quest: a scavenger hunt where attendees must visit certain stops at the convention to earn a stamp. Completing the Con Quest will allow you to grab a special prize at the redemption booth located at the Cosshoppe. There will also be tons of stage contests like the Yoshinoya Gyudon Eating Contest where you stand to win some fantastic freebies while having fun at the same time.

#2: A Sprawling Exhibit Space

A total of 120 exhibits will be present at Cosplay Mania this year categorized into zones: Blockbuster, Lifestyle, Gaming, Collectibles, Meals and Fan Fair. Foreign and local sponsors and exhibitors will be present many with fun activities to draw in the crowds. You can be sure that there will be tons of merchandise available including hard-to-find items and convention exclusives.

There will also be tons of off-stage activities such as a Photo Op with a Dragonball Super Saiyan-inspired Design, a Classroom Design and much more! Plus, there will be gaming machines such as the Quantum-exclusive Pokemon Tretta.


#3 Tremendous Cosplay Contests

What would Cosplay Mania be without Cosplay Contests? This year, the number of contests cosplayers can join is staggering. Starting with Hall EX, there will be Cosplay Masquerade where secret judges will seek out the best cosplayers hanging out at the convention and give them special awards. This year, Cosplay Mania will also be having the first-ever Cosplay Idol Group contest where aspiring Idol Groups will present their best costumes and performances for a chance to be recognized by Little Akiba Project of Japan plus a cash prize of 50,000 Yen!

Over at Hall SP, there will be a Cosplay Solo Showdown and Cosplay Team Battle on Day 1 and Cosplay: Tournament of Champions and Cosplay Mania Cup on Day 2. Here, you can catch a glimpse of the best cosplayers in the Philippines as they vie for top honors in the biggest cosplay event in the country.


#4 10 Huge International Cosplay Guests

Cosplay Mania might only be 9 years old, but this year, it has 10 huge international guests: Yukari Shimotsuki, DD-Tenka, Kirisaki, Rumi, Tomia, Hiko, Ruka, Kaname«, Baozi and Hana! Hailing from China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, these guests are all truly amazing at their craft and are unparalleled in their popularity. Cosplay Mania will be a great opportunity to meet them all in person and watch them on stage.


#5 A Hefty Serving of Meet & Greets and Exclusive Merchandise

Cosplay Mania’s unique take on the Meet & Greet provides a cozy and comfortable atmosphere from both the guest and the attendee. Seats are numbered, lines are swift and the process is orderly. As one of the first conventions to introduce Meet & Greet opportunities, expect a lot of thought and care being made in each of these sessions.

Aside from the regular autographs and photo opportunities, guests will also provide exclusive merchandise that the attendees can purchase. This is not limited to only the cosplayer guests, but the concert guests as well who will be performing in a ground-breaking concert on both days of Cosplay Mania!

#6 Ground-breaking Cosplay JAM X I <3 Anisong Concert

Cosplay Mania is partnering with Sozo this year to bring the first-ever I <3 Anisong Concert to the Philippines! The concert will have amazing performers from Japan such as Tokyo Performance Domo, Starmarie, Kanako Ito, Riho Iida and the blockbuster band Back-On!

The concert, dubbed Cosplay Mania Jam X I <3 Anisong, will feature reserved VIP Seating and a Premium Standing Area as well as all the bells and whistles you may have come to expect for a world-class concert. VIP’s will be provided Lumica Light sticks for free to light up the both evenings in style. Best of all, the concert is incredibly affordable with prices starting at just P599 for Gold, P1,499 for Premium and P2,499 for VIP Seating per night! These prices also include access to all other areas of the convention except the exclusive Meet & Greets.


#7 This is Your Chance to Make an Impact

The future of J-Events in the Philippines rests squarely on your shoulders! This is the opportunity of a lifetime to prove to the international community and to huge artists from Japan that the Philippines is ready and to make a difference. Japanese artists see the Philippines as a great potential market, but they need to be assured that their concerts will be well attended and profitable.

With Sozo, the organizers of AFA – Anime Festival Asia, partnering on the project, the likelihood of artists like Aimer, JAM Project, TM Revolution or even Scandal hinges on the success of the concert. The door of opportunity is open and it’s up to you to make sure that the acts you love make it to the Philippines. Buy or upgrade your tickets if you haven’t yet, invite your friends to enjoy the concert with you, promote the concert as much as you can and get other J-music fans to band together to make the concert as big a success as you can!

It has all built up to this moment. The future of J-Events and concerts is now in your hands.